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Seasons is a vibrant, colourful and atmospheric platformer where you have to travel through time in order to interact with the world around you and solve complex puzzles. Scarf, your hero, is travelling through Arcedia and must collect keys in order to open the portals which will allow him to reach the end of his journey.

If you wish to download the game and run in browser then you will need to ensure the game is running on a local http server. Please play in Chrome for best results.


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like it but so sloowww... no way to have a windows build to play on the go ?

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I enjoyed playing this game very much, even though I was stuck at one level for a long time until I learnt I could jump farther by using the ice to my advantage :)

The ambient music that plays throughout the game is very melancholic and pleasant to hear, and while the character moves and jumps very slowly, the responses to the button presses was quick and reliable.

It would help if you could map the jump action to the Up arrow or Z button, and if players would prefer the WASD format, then map the jump button to W and changing the seasons to J.

I look forward to playing more of your games in the future :)

Thanks Hob, adding more key support would be fairly easy to do so I'll consider putting that in. If you want to play some more of my games, check out:

Very different style games to seasons.

Alright, I'll have a go at your games within the next week or so :)

Very cool concept that looks great! It would be great to see some more objects that can be changed with the seasons to interact with, but I like it a lot!